The Aberdeenshire Ladies’ County Golf Association
(Founded 1911)



Constitution and Rules


Rules for Annual Competitions




Revised 2018




The name of the Association shall be “The Aberdeenshire Ladies’ County Golf Association” (hereafter referred to as “The Association”.



Membership is open to all ladies and girls of handicap 35 and under who



were born in the county, or



are resident in the county, or



are members of a club which is affiliated to Scottish Golf Limited (SGL) and situated in the County. (The handicap limit does not apply to existing members or to those whose handicap exceeds 35 subsequent to becoming members).





Honorary Membership

A Lady who, over the years, has made an outstanding contribution to the Association may be eligible for Honorary Membership. The name of any such Lady shall first be considered by the Management Committee who may recommend it to the Committee of Club Representatives and, if accepted by them, shall be put up as a motion to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


Office Bearers

The Office Bearers shall be the President, Captain, Vice-Captain, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer.

The President shall be appointed at the AGM and shall hold office for two years. The Captain and Vice-Captain shall be elected to serve for two years. Other Office Bearers shall be appointed annually at the AGM. Nominations for the offices of Captain and Vice-Captain shall be submitted, in writing, to the Honorary Secretary at least twenty-eight days prior to the AGM.


Club Representatives

Club representatives shall be appointed by the Association members of their respective clubs.


Management Committee

The Management Committee shall consist of the Captain, Vice-Captain and three Committee members. The three Committee members shall be elected annually from the club representatives and shall serve for not more than two years. They will not be eligible for re-election until after the space of one year, except as Office Bearers.

The Management Committee and Club Representatives shall meet at least once a year. If any vacancy occurs on the Management Committee during the year, the Management Committee shall have the authority to co-opt a replacement.

During their term of Office, the Management Committee shall have full power to conduct the ordinary business of the Association.


Scottish Golf Limited

The Association shall be affiliated to SGL and conform to their regulations on County Golf. The Association will be represented on the Standing Committee for County Golf by the Captain or a nominated representative.


Entrance Fee and Subscriptions

The Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription shall be determined by the Management Committee and submitted for approval at the AGM. A motion dealing with the Entrance Fee and the Annual Subscription shall be adopted by a majority of the Members present and voting. Juniors (18 years and under on 1 January) may join the Association on payment of the Entrance Fee and a nominal Annual Subscription fixed by the Management Committee.

Subscriptions shall be paid to the Club Representatives not later than the second Open Meeting in each year. Members with no Representative shall pay the amounts due to the Honorary Treasurer of the Association.


Annual General Meeting

The financial year of the Association shall end on the thirtieth day of September in each year and the AGM shall be held before the thirty first day of December in each year. The Notice of Meeting, Agenda and Accounts shall be circulated to members at least seven days prior to the AGM. Thirty members shall form a quorum.


Extraordinary General Meetings

Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) of the Association may be called at any time by the Captain and Honorary Secretary, or by a requisition to the Honorary Secretary signed by no fewer than twelve members, stating the business to be done. The Honorary Secretary shall call an EGM within twenty-one days of receipt of the requisition and no business other than that stated shall be laid before the meeting. Thirty members shall form a quorum.


Rules for Competitions

The Association shall issue Rules for Competitions held under the auspices of the Association and a copy of these rules shall be available for consultation at all clubs that have Association members.


Additions or Alterations to the Constitution and Rules for Competitions

No addition or alteration to the Constitution or any Rules for Competitions shall be made except at the AGM or at an EGM convened for that purpose. Any proposed addition or alteration must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least twenty eight days prior to the meeting and notice of the motion shall be circulated to members at least seven days prior to the meeting.

To be adopted a motion dealing with any such addition or alteration requires a majority of two-thirds of the members present and voting except for changes in the Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription where a majority of members present and voting shall be sufficient.



Disputes must be referred to the Management Committee whose decision shall be final.


The County Team

The County Team shall be chosen from members of the Association. The Captain, Vice-Captain and one member of the Association, invited by the Captain, shall select the team. Officials and players in County matches, including the finals, shall have their expenses paid by the Association.

The four areas which form the Northern Division in Scottish County Golf are – Aberdeenshire, Angus, Northern Counties, Perth and Kinross. These Counties compete annually in match play. The winner holds the Gibb Trophy for one year and qualifies to play in the Scottish County Finals against the winners from the East, South and West Divisions.

Annual Competitions Held under the Auspices of the Association

General Rules for the Competition



The rules of the game shall be those published by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. Other rules and regulations of the Association shall be those recommended in the Ladies’ Golf Union handbook (LGU).



Two members of the Management Committee shall have the sole right, under consultation with the Greenkeeper, to decide when a course is unplayable due to weather conditions. In Open meetings the Committee of the host club shall have this right.



A draw shall be made for playing partners and competitors shall be notified of starting times through the Press and Club Notice Boards.



The organising committee of any event will be responsible for interpreting rules and settling any disputes.



It is the player’s responsibility to know and apply the Handicapping Regulations and to play off the correct handicap at all times. She should be able to produce a current Handicap Certificate when required to do so.



Ties will be decided on the last 9, 6, 3, 1 or 12 holes.



Competitors withdrawing from competitions after the draw has been made must pay their entry fee.



The Management Committee shall have the right to fix the entry fee for the competitions.

The Aberdeenshire Ladies’ County Championship



The Aberdeenshire Ladies’ County Championship shall only be open to members of the Association.



The Championship shall consist of one qualifying round which may, at the discretion of the Management Committee, be limited to 30 players. Wherever possible players shall be drawn in the following handicap groups (0 or less – 12, 13 – 20, 21 and above).



There shall be 16 scratch qualifiers and 8 handicap qualifiers. The 16 competitors returning the lowest gross scores shall qualify for the scratch match-play. The 8 competitors returning the best nett scores, excluding those qualifying for the scratch match-play, shall qualify for the handicap match-play. All ties shall be decided on a card countback over the final 9, 6, 3, 1 or 12 holes. Should there be less than 24 competitors returning scores, the qualifiers shall be:




16 or fewer competitors – 8 scratch match-play only
Between 16 and 19 competitors – 16 scratch match-play only
Between 20 and 23 competitors – 16 scratch match-play and 4 handicap match-play.



The draw for the match-play stages will be according to the automatic draw.



Each match, including the finals, shall be played over 18 holes. Handicap allowance in the handicap matches will be the full difference between the players. In the event of a halved match the competitors shall continue play until one or other shall have gained a hole when the match shall be considered won, strokes to be taken as before.



The Championship shall be played early in the season and whenever possible over one weekend.


Championship Trophies


Mrs F K Smith Trophy
E M Cradock Trophy
Miss C Lyon Trophies
The Member’s Trophy
The Fiona Hay Salver

The scratch winner
The scratch runner up
The scratch semi-finalists
The leading scratch qualifier
The handicap winner


The Lyon Inter-Club Foursomes



The Lyon Inter-Club Foursomes competition shall be played annually on a course selected by the Management Committee. The arrangements for the Competition shall be made by the Management Committee, assisted by a member from the host club.



Subject to the following paragraphs, each club shall be entitled to enter two teams, each consisting of two couples, who must be members of the club concerned and of the Association.



The competition shall be limited to players in the silver division. Handicaps to be as at one week before the closing date for entries.



A maximum of 16 teams shall compete. The draw for the first round will be seeded. The four teams with the lowest aggregate of handicaps will be drawn by ballot to fill the seeded places of an automatic draw (refer to LGU handbook section on automatic draw). Ties in aggregates of handicap will be resolved by ballot.



If more than the maximum of 16 teams are entered, teams will be eliminated in the order of second teams out first, with the team with the highest aggregate of handicaps being the first to be eliminated; any ties will be resolved by ballot. In the event of more than 16 first teams being entered, the same method will be used to reduce the number of first teams to sixteen.



If less than 16 teams enter, all second teams shall play in the first round plus enough first teams to give 8 teams for the second round. For guidance on which teams get byes into the second round, refer to the LGU handbook section on Uneven Draws.



The Competition shall consist of match play double foursomes, one against another as determined by the draw. Each pairing shall play one round against their opponents. The team having holes to their credit on the combined results of the two matches shall be entitled to proceed to the next round. If, before the completion of 18 holes, it becomes clear that a result has been achieved, the remaining holes need not be played. In the event of a tie in any round, each pairing shall continue until the result in both matches at any hole shows one team to have won.



Before the commencement of each round, each Club shall give to the County Secretary, in writing, the pairings and order of couples in each team. After the first round an original player may be replaced only in the event of illness or injury in which case the replacement player must have a handicap equal to or higher than that of the player replaced. This restriction does not apply to a player from the second team who may be moved into the first team.



The Lyon Inter-Club Foursomes Trophy will be held for one year by the winning team. Each member of the winning team shall be presented with a brooch (only presented the first time they are a member of a winning team).


Watt Duffus Trophy Competition



The Watt Duffus Trophy Competition shall be played annually on a course selected by the Management Committee. The arrangements for the competition shall be made by the Management Committee assisted by a representative from the host club.



Each club shall be entitled to enter two teams of three or four players, all of whom must be members of the club concerned and of the Association with handicaps of 20 or under. The three best scratch scores and the three best handicap scores will count for the team trophies. When a replacement player is required, a player may be moved from the second team into the first team.



A draw shall be made for partners in handicap groups as follows: 0 or less – 12, 13-20, in twos or threes as appropriate.



The competitors shall play one medal round.



No team or individual may win both Scratch and Handicap Trophies. Scratch takes precedence over handicap.



In the event of a tie in the team trophies, the winner will be decided, as in individual ties, by virtue of the last 9, 6, 3, 1 or 12 holes (the best three scores only counting).



In the event of entries becoming too many for the tee time available, the handicap limit shall be lowered.



The trophies shall be awarded as follows:



The Watt Duffus Trophy

The Handicap Trophy

The Kennaway Cup

The Individual Handicap Trophy

to the team having the best aggregate of three scratch scores

to the team having the best aggregate of three nett scores

to the player having the best scratch score

to the player having the best nett score



Commonwealth Spoons Competition



A competition shall be held annually on a course selected by the Management Committee to determine qualifiers for the National Finals of the Commonwealth Spoons. The Commonwealth Spoons were donated by the Australian LGU in aid of the International Match Fund to which all entry money is sent.



The competition shall be organised by the Management Committee assisted by a representative of the host club. The competition shall take the form of medal foursomes on handicap, with competitors choosing their own partners. All competitors must be members of the Association.



A draw shall be made for starting times.



In the event of one of a partnership having to withdraw, the remaining player shall have the right to choose another partner.



Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Management Committee.



One couple for every ten couples entered qualifies for the finals. A balance of five or more counting as ten.


County Open Meetings



The County Open meetings will be played during the season on courses within the Association area. The County Open meetings shall be open to all members of the Association (with handicaps of 35 or less) and shall consist of one medal round.



A member of an LGU or recognised Golf Club with a handicap of 28 or less and not a member of the Association may compete but shall not be eligible to receive County trophies. Association members shall have priority over non-members if tee time is limited.



The meetings shall be organised by the host club according to the rules of the Association.



A maximum of 12 meetings will be held. If more than 12 clubs wish to hold an Open Meeting a rota system will be used to keep the number of clubs to 12. This will enable new clubs to be included in the Open Meeting circuit.



If there are more entries than can be accommodated in the tee time, numbers shall be reduced by eliminating players with the highest handicaps. If this occurs, scores from this Open meeting will not be used for calculating winners of the trophies.



One quarter of entry monies shall be paid to the Association.



A draw for playing partners (in pairs of threes) shall be made in handicap groups as follows: Silver Division less than 0 – 12, 13-16, 17-20. Bronze Division 21-24, 25-25. Late entries can be accepted if cancellation times are available or if tee times permits.



Scratch prizes take precedence over handicap prizes. Prizes should be given in the ratio of 1 for every 7 entries.



A club may opt for one of the following alternatives if in previous years they have not had enough tee time for entries.





two dates per annum, one for silver division and one for bronze division.





a silver division meeting one year and a bronze division meeting the next year.








Clubs intending to use one of these alternatives must advise the Honorary Secretary by the time of the AGM.



Trophies for County Open Meetings



The Lyon Trophy to the player in the Silver Division with the lowest aggregate of three scratch scores.

The Miss K M Cochrane Cup to the player in the Silver Division with the lowest aggregate of three nett scores.

The Mrs M L Kilgour Cup to the player in the Bronze Division with the lowest aggregate of three scratch scores.

The Mrs B B Mellis Cup to the player in the Bronze Division with the lowest aggregate of three nett scores.






The Mrs D T Bruce Trophy to the player returning the lowest scratch score in any Open meeting.

N.B. Competition Scratch Score must be taken into consideration when determining the lowest scores (i.e. the number of strokes +/- the CSS).






Junior Golf

The Management Committee shall appoint a member of the Association to be Junior Secretary responsible for all aspects of Junior Golf within the County. She will liaise with the relevant officials of the SGL and be responsible for all training activities within the County.

To engage in any County Golf activity, a junior girl must be a member of the Association.

Junior Trophies

Awarded annually to golfers in the County under the age of 18 on 1st January of the qualifying year.



Farquharson Quaich

Bruce Trophy

Fyfe Trophy

Bey Trophy

to the winners of the Junior Medal Winners Tournament
for the best scratch score in a Junior Open meeting
to the most improved junior in the lower handicap bracket
to the most improved junior in the higher handicap bracket