Sunday, 3 October 2021


You may already have heard from your Club’s County Rep that our AGM will be held at 11am on Saturday 04 December in Curl Aberdeen.

Please note the date on your calendar because I’m hoping to see you there.
Whilst our 2020 Zoom AGM worked very well, in my opinion, there is nothing to replace meeting folk in person.


Lorna M Johnson
Captain, ALCGA

Monday, 13 September 2021

The Sheena Wood Rosebowl: The 2021 Story

The Sheena Wood Rosebowl Final took place at Meldrum House Golf Club on Sunday 12 September 2021. Carol Eddie won the trophy with a victory over Katherine Teow. Here is the story of this year’s competition from start to finish.

Congratulations, Carol

The Golf

Because no County Opens took place in 2020, the qualifiers for this year’s competition were the 8 players with the best 4 nett scores in County Opens from the 2019 season. The format of the competition is knock out match play, with the first named player in each draw having home advantage.

In Round 1, the qualifiers – congratulations to you all - were drawn to play as follows:
  • Carol Eddie (Deeside) v Hannah Bycroft (Kemnay)
  • Mary Robinson (Murcar Links) v Susie Macleod (Deeside)
  • Alison Hope (Newmachar) v Lesley Watson (Deeside)
  • Rhona Taylor (Deeside) v Katherine Teow (Deeside)
You will have noticed immediately that Deeside Golf Club was exceptionally well represented – great golf in 2019, ladies.

Following the first round’s keenly contested matches, the winners were drawn to play in the semi-finals as follows:
  • Carol Eddie v Alison Hope
  • Mary Robinson v Katherine Teow
Carol and Katherine both won their matches by 1 hole – very close games.

The neutral ground chosen for the final was Meldrum House. On the day, the weather started dull, warmed up nicely, stayed dry and calm. County officials who spectated were impressed by the standard of golf displayed by Carol and Katherine. Carol’s consistency and very accurate putting saw her triumph at the 13 hole.

Congratulations, Carol, on your excellent performance throughout the competition. Commiserations, Katherine, you played very well too.

Katherine and Carol – both did Deeside very proud

Thanks …

Many thanks must be put on record.

First of all, thanks to Meldrum House Golf Club. Thanks to:
  • Club Owners and Directors for granting ALCGA courtesy of the course
  • Golf Manager David Mann for his support
  • the green-keeping team for presenting the course so well, despite recent heavy rain
  • the catering team for their hospitality.
Next, thanks to ALCGA officials. Thanks to:
  • Vice-captain Olive for managing the competition communication, draws and results
  • President Ros and Honorary Secretary Karen for joining me to spectate and support the finalists.

Final Comment …

I wonder who will be the 8 qualifiers year for The Sheena Wood Rosebowl in 2022? Do you think you will you be one of them?

There are still 2 County Opens to go – Banchory this week and Ballater next. Play well, improve your nett score profile and … who knows?


Lorna M Johnson
Captain, ALCGA

Saturday, 11 September 2021

2022 North of Scotland Ladies’ and Girls’ Championships: NEWSFLASH

In 2022, it is Aberdeenshire LCGA’s turn to organise the North of Scotland (NoS) Championships at a golf club in our county. As you know, the Championships are open to members of the four Ladies’ County Golf Associations in the North Division: Aberdeenshire, Angus, Northern Counties and Perth & Kinross.

The 2022 Venue

I cannot tell you how pleased I am to let you know that Newmachar Golf Club Management Committee has responded favourably to Aberdeenshire LCGA’s request to grant courtesy of their course for the NoS event next year, saying that they are delighted to be our hosts. Like the Counties, Newmachar Golf Club is keen to encourage and is committed to promoting ladies’ and girls’ golf.

We believe that Newmachar Golf Club is a very appropriate venue because it is popular with golfers, provides an ideal golfing challenge, is relatively easily accessible for all potential participants, has accommodation close by, and, with two courses, Hawkshill and Swailend, is perfect for the championship games and consolation round competitions.

The 2022 Dates

Traditionally the NoS tournament takes place over three days, Monday through till Wednesday. In 2022, the dates will be 25th till 27th July. These dates correspond to those in 2021, and have been chosen with the aim of avoiding clashes with other local and national events.

The Golf – a reminder

The Ladies’ Championship comprises one qualifying stroke-play round on Monday with match-play for scratch and handicap trophies on Tuesday (top 16 players in both categories followed by quarter finals) and Wednesday (semi-finals followed by finals). A Consolation Round is available on Tuesday for those who do not qualify for the match-play. Every competitor is guaranteed 2 rounds of golf.

The stroke-play round for the Girls’ Championship takes place on Monday, in conjunction with the qualifying round for the Ladies’ Championship. Girls may choose to enter both Championships, with their scores for the Ladies’ Championship qualifying round counting for the Girls’ Championship.

Thanks …

We are very grateful to Newmachar Golf Club for backing our very important North Division annual fixture. Special thanks to Paul Mills, General Manager, and to Management Committee members. We look forward to working with you to found the success of the 2022 NoS Championships.

However, success is also dependent on participation. So … please note the dates in your 2022 calendar.

Thanks to you all.


Lorna M Johnson
Captain, ALCGA

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Cruden Bay County Open: Results

For some reason best known to the technology gremlins, the results of the Cruden Bay County Open that took place on Thursday 19 August cannot be seen through VMS on the Scottish Golf App.

Thanks to County Rep Lisa Bruce and staff at the golf club for providing this summary of the results.

Well done to the winners. Indeed ... well done to everyone who embraced the Cruden Bay challenge. Weren't we lucky that it was such an unusually calm day?!


Lorna M johnson
Captain, ALCGA

Friday, 3 September 2021

Scottish Golf Commonwealth Spoons Final: A Short 2021 Story

About 30 foursomes pairs from Ladies’ County Golf Associations across Scotland congregated on Monday 30 August for the Commonwealth Spoons Final hosted by Scottish Golf at Dullatur Golf Club on the Carrickstone course. On the whole, scores were high.

The Course

I emailed ‘well done’ to our Aberdeenshire ladies and I think all responses used the word ‘tough’ to describe the course. Here are a few of their comments (in no particular order) that suggested toughness:
  • fit for mountain goats
  • very hilly with lots of hidden greens
  • can't really remember walking on a flat area
  • some walks between greens and tees
  • greens were good, very fast
  • had to land the ball well before [the green] for it to stay or you would be penalised harshly
  • you would hit short of the green and it wouldn’t stop
  • all the greens seemed to have drop offs
  • lots of blind approach shots with no idea of the lay of the land
  • no hole was flat! either up or down hill or across
  • greens were excellent …  but tricky

The Scores

Well done to all three foursomes pairs who were representing Aberdeenshire LCGA.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kemnay’s Carol Whicher and Yvonne Moir who came 4th equal with a notable nett score of 74. Excellent performance, ladies.

Meldrum House’s Lyn Park and Lorna Whyte surprised themselves by ending up 9th with a nett 81, not thinking that they had played well enough for a top ten finish.

Kemnay’s Nita Dervish-Uman and Lynne Tough finished 17th equal with a nett 86. They were happy enough with their score, with just a few holes on the front nine really catching them out.

Congratulations to4th equal Carol Whicher and Yvonne Moir, both of Kemnay

Yvonne said that she and Carol had a “Nice day out … and we played with the winners, two sisters from Newton Stewart.” The Ho sisters shot an excellent nett 73, just 1 over par.

Congratulations to winning sisters Teresa and Venessa Ho, both of Newton Stewart

A detailed report of the Final with a link to full results can be found on the Scottish Golf App and on the SG website.


Lorna M Johnson
Captain, ALCGA

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Scottish Women’s County Finals: A Short 2021 Story

Scottish Golf hosted the Scottish Women’s County Finals at Forres Golf Club from Friday 27 till Sunday 29 August.

The Competing Teams

Competitors in the County Finals are the four County Teams who won the Jamborees in their respective divisions of Scotland.

  • Perth & Kinross was representing the North.
  • Midlothian was representing the East.
  • Dunbartonshire & Argyll was representing the West.
  • No team was representing the South where their Jamboree fell victim to covid.
In order to retain the traditional round robin format of the County Finals, Scottish Golf asked Jenny Milne, Northern Counties Captain, to provide an unofficial fourth team. With several of her players unavailable, she extended an invitation to members of the Aberdeenshire squad.

Jenny was delighted to welcome Susie Macleod (Deeside) and Fiona Campbell (McDonald, Ellon) to join the North Invitational team. She valued their support, their participation, their efforts, and the very good golf that they played. Susie and Fiona enjoyed the experience very much.

Aberdeenshire’s Fiona Campbell (left) and Susie Macleod
who joined the North Invitational team

Official team member lists and more tournament details can be found on the Scottish Golf App and on the SG website. 

The Worthy Winners

I made a trip to Forres on the Friday to spectate and support. Our President Ros went on Saturday. We were both very impressed by the quality of golf that was on display. It was a bonus to be basking in beautiful sunshine as well.

Congratulations to Perth & Kinross who were triumphant. They were convincing winners. They took the match points again all opponents. Those of us in the Northern Division were absolutely delighted for them.

VICTORIOUS – the Perth & Kinross team with the coveted trophy

Jillian Milne, Perth & Kinross Captain, emailed me that “[The girls] played some amazing golf and I’m so proud of them.” And absolutely so she should be … they played brilliantly.

A detailed report with a link to full results can be found on the Scottish Golf App and on the SG website. 


Lorna M Johnson
Captain, ALCGA

Sunday, 29 August 2021

Commonwealth Spoons Final: Good Luck

Good luck to:
  • Lorna Whyte & Lyn Park
  • Yvonne Moir & Carol Whicher
  • Nita Dervish-Uman & Lynne Tough
the three foursomes pairs who are representing ALCGA in the Scottish Golf Commonwealth Spoons Final at Dullatur Golf Club tomorrow, Monday 30 August.

Play well and enjoy. It would be great to have the Spoons back in Aberdeenshire.


Lorna M Johnson
Captain, ALCGA

Commonwealth Spoons Qualifying Competition: The 2021 Story

I’ve almost caught up with my stories for the time being. Here is the most recent one about the Commonwealth Spoons that took place at Kintore Golf Club on Monday 16 August.

Three foursomes pairs qualified to represent Aberdeenshire LCGA at the Scottish Golf Commonwealth Spoons Final at Dullatur Golf Club on Monday 30 August: Lorna Whyte & Lyn Park, Yvonne Moir & Carol Whicher, Nita Dervish-Uman & Lynne Tough.

The Golf

I do like to talk about the weather … When I arrived at Kintore on Monday morning, the most predominant thing was the unexpected freezing cold wind that had not been forecast and that was blowing wildly and swaying the mature trees beside the first fairway. Local ladies reassured me that it would be less fierce up the hill, hard to believe but, as I found out true. Also, it was not long before the sun came out, it grew warm and golfing circumstances were much sweeter.

Participants were very complimentary about the welcome they received at Kintore Golf Club, about the very well presented course, including the condition of its greens, and about the catering. They also commented on the stunning views from the elevated parts of the course.

The Commonwealth Spoons was very successful. 26 foursomes pairs with players from 13 different golf clubs were keen to attempt to play well, to astound their partners with amazing shots, and to remember not to say ‘sorry’ when a poor shot crept in!

I do like to analyse scores … There were many very good scores – that’s not a very mathematical statement! The lowest nett score equalled the course par of 70. 6 scores – more than 20% - were lower than 76. 14 scores – more than 50% - were lower than 80. I have to tell you that, in the remaining 12 scores, you would find the one achieved by me and my partner – not our best day!

Full results are posted under Fixtures on this website.

In the top 3 places were the qualifiers who are heading to Dullatur. They are:
  • Lorna Whyte & Lyn Park (Meldrum House) who scored an absolutely excellent nett 70
  • Yvonne Moir & Carol Whicher (Kemnay) who were pipped at the post with a very impressive nett 71
  • Nita Dervish-Uman & Lynne Tough (Kemany) who came very close with a very good nett 72.5
Good luck to you all. I’m sure you will do Aberdeenshire proud.

Lorna Whyte (left) and Lyn Park, both of Meldrum House

Carol Whicher and Yvonne Moir, both of Kemnay

Nita Dervish-Uman and Lynne Tough, both of Kemnay

Thanks …

Many thanks must be put on record.

First of all, thanks to Kintore Golf Club. Thanks to:
  • the Club Council for granting ALCGA courtesy of the course, a very generous contribution with 52 rounds of golf taking place
  • Club Administrator Petra Walker for her substantial support and help in making arrangements to ensure smooth running of our event
  • Lady Captain Faye Walker for her invaluable assistance with planning and for her company on the day
  • Green Keepers Andy and Stewart for their efforts in presenting the course in extremely good order
  • Club members Dorothy and Geraldine for being our welcoming and efficient starters, especially when it was such a chilly morning
  • Catering Team members Irene, Paul and Ashley for providing friendly hospitality and tasty sustenance.
Next, thanks to various ALCGA officials and members. Thanks to:
  • Management Committee members Fiona (Campbell) and Susie (Macleod) for coordinating and making advance plans to guarantee that the day would run efficiently, and for their commitment throughout the day of the event
  • Honorary Secretary Karen (Stalker) for dealing with entries, the draw, and results.

Final Comment …

‘The Spoons’ is always a popular competition. This year was no different.

Kintore Golf Club staff and members were delighted to have us as guests and made us feel very much at home. Lady Captain Faye (Walker) enjoyed the camaraderie and friendly competitive spirit of the County day and wonders if some Kintore ladies might be interested in joining ALCGA in future. Susie (Macleod) has sent Faye some information so here’s hoping …

My partner Liz (Barrack) and I had the privilege of playing alongside Hazlehead members Lena Ingram and Vi Walker. Lena and Vi have been golfers and County members for many years. Both in their eighties, you would have been impressed at how nimbly they climbed that second hole hill, how they hit the ball, and how they kept up with the group in front. They are an inspiration to us all. I hope dearly that I can play golf like them when I am their age. Thank you, ladies, for your company.

Once again, congratulations to our Commonwealth Spoons’ qualifiers. We look forward to knowing how you get on at Dullatur.


Lorna M Johnson
Captain, ALCGA

Lyon Inter-Club Double Foursomes: The 2021 Story

My next short catch-up story is about the Lyon Inter-Club Foursomes tournament that was hosted on Monday 02 and Tuesday 03 August by Hazlehead Golf Club on the McKenzie Championship course.

Thanks to Honorary Secretary Karen (Stalker) for posting and keeping results up to date as the competition took place.

The Hazlehead team was triumphant, winning the trophy for the third time in succession.

Winners Hazlehead, Runners-up Banchory, Captain Lorna and President Ros

The Golf

Players arrived in fine spirits, ready for their 18 hole matchplay foursomes games. It was a very reasonable golfing Monday morning when the teams assembled at Hazlehead. It felt very calm and quiet, overcast but dry. As we moved into Tuesday, it became breezier but the sun came out. No rain – so all was well.

Despite the trials that had confronted the greenkeepers after the severe winter, the course was in good order. Unfortunately, due to the effects of very thick ice, the 8th and 16th greens were still out of play. Nonetheless, the quality of the design of the course with its interesting and testing holes was not overshadowed.

As always, golf was enjoyed and competitiveness was evident. Lots of fun was had and giggling incidents were reported to me – great to hear. As a spectator, there was lots of excellent golf on display to appreciate and inspire.

Monday morning – Hazlehead team aiming to win …

Eight teams took part: Aberdeen Ladies 1 & 2, Aboyne, Ballater, Banchory, Deeside, Hazlehead, and Peterculter. After Monday’s opening matches, in the semi-finals on Tuesday morning, Banchory faced Ballater and Aberdeen Ladies 1 faced Hazlehead. Both Banchory v Ballater games were very close with Banchory emerging as 3-0 winners. Aberdeen Ladies 1 fought hard but went down 0-9 to Hazlehead.

In the first game of the final, Banchory’s Gail Christie & Patricia Halliwell played Hazlehead’s Claire Prouse & Rachel Mathieson. In the second game, Banchory’s Gillian Mackenzie & Kathleen Taylor were up against Hazlehead’s Morven Adam & Gail Melvin. The concluding score of Banchory 3 – Hazlehead 6 does not show how much tension and anticipation was in the air through the finishing holes. Nor can it show the great golf shots, including recovery shots, that were being played.

Congratulations to Hazlehead who won the trophy and retain it in their clubhouse for another year – very worthy winners! Commiserations to Banchory who didn’t make it easy for the victors.

Winners Hazlehead (left to right):
Claire Prouse, Rachel Mathieson, Morven Adam, Gail Melvin

Runners-up Banchory (left to right):
Gail Christie, Gillian Mackenzie, Patricia Halliwell, Kathleen Taylor

Thanks …

Many thanks must be put on record.

First of all, thanks to Sport Aberdeen. Thanks to:
  • the organisation for granting us courtesy of the MacKenzie Championship Golf Course, a very substantial contribution
  • Nigel Spencer, Golf and Outdoor Services Manager, for his vital support in agreeing access and tee times
  • the green keeping team for their efforts in presenting the course so well, no mean feat when account is taken of this year’s harsh winter weather damage, particularly to the greens.
Next, thanks to Hazlehead Golf Club. Thanks to:
  • Karen Pottiinger, Lady Captain, for her significant assistance with planning and arrangements to ensure smooth running of our event
  • Karen Thow, County Rep, for her invaluable support and generous assistance throughout the two days
  • Kath Emeleus and Carol Benzie for being our welcoming and efficient starters
  • Glen and Andrea, for providing friendly hospitality and catering
  • Nancy Adam, previous Lady Captain, for setting the ball rolling with Sport Aberdeen.
Finally, thanks to various ALCGA officials and members. Thanks to:
  • Management Committee member Louise (Anderson) and Vice-captain Olive (Robb) for coordinating and making advance plans to guarantee that the day would run efficiently, and for their commitment during the event itself
  • President Ros (Roy) for being there to support all the players and for presenting the prizes
  • Honorary Secretary Karen (Stalker) for dealing with entries, the draw, scoring and results
  • spectators and supporters who made time to come along and encourage the players
  • last, but definitely not least, participating players and their team organisers, often the County Reps.

Final Comment …

The 2021 Lyon Foursomes went very well. However, I have to admit that there was a sense of disappointment when we had only eight entries for this for this very long standing annual fixture. There were notable missing teams from Cruden Bay and Murcar Links who reported that players simply were unavailable this year. Here’s hoping that this was a one-off situation.

We suspect that some clubs feel that there is little point in entering a team because it is a scratch competition only for low handicap players. Please be assured that this is not the case and that teams with players through our Division 1 handicap index range competed and did well. Next year, please enter – come along, experience and relish a different competition format.

If you took part this year and had a good time, please tell your friends from other clubs and persuade them to join in next year. Thank you.

Congratulations again to Hazlehead. A win on home territory is very special. Hazlehead’s loyal supporters undoubtedly agree.


Lorna M Johnson
Captain, ALCGA

North of Scotland Ladies’ and Girls’ Championships: The 2021 Story

I’m still playing catch-up with my stories so now is the turn of the North of Scotland Ladies’ and Girls’ Championships that took place at Blairgowrie Golf Club from Monday 26 till Wednesday 28 July 2021. Thanks to Donna (Pocock), ALCGA Junior Assistant Convenor, for posting the results on Facebook at the time of the event.

Congratulations to Aberdeenshire’s Robyn Fowlie and Carmen Griffiths who were crowned Ladies’ and Girls’ Scratch Champions respectively. More below about these and other Aberdeenshire members’ successes.

North of Scotland Ladies’ Champion Robyn Fowlie (Forfar),
winner of the Gifford Trophy (Scratch)

Aberdeenshire LCGA had a significant presence in the tournament with over 20 members participating in the field of over 60 competitors from the four Ladies’ County Golf Associations in the Northern Division: Aberdeenshire, Angus, Northern Counties and Perth & Kinross.

The Golf

Before the start of the competitions, the weather forecast showed lots of dirty black clouds and rain, with thunder and lightning interludes. Of course, there was nothing for it but to get on with it … However, as the days emerged, it was hard to believe how sunny it was at times and how warm it became. Rumbles of thunder were heard in the distance but no lightning flashed – thank goodness. It was not until Wednesday morning that the first rain of the tournament came along for the Semi-final matches. However, the quality of golf was not impaired and the sun was back out before the afternoon Finals.

On Monday, on the Rosemount course, the strokeplay qualifying round for the Ladies’ Championships was played in conjunction with the single round for the Girls’ Championships. Scores can be viewed on: HowdDidiDo, Perth & Kinross Ga, NORTH OF SCOTLAND Championship.

Congratulations to our Carmen Griffiths (Aboyne) who shot an impressive gross 71, 3 under par, to win the Girls’ Scratch Championship. Zoe Davidson (Alyth) won the Girls’ Handicap Championship with a nett 73 BIH (91-18).

North of Scotland Girls’ Champion Carmen Griffiths (Aboyne)
(sorry, Carmen, no photo from Blairgowrie)

The leading scratch and handicap qualifiers for Tuesday’s matchplay were all from Perth & Kinross but Aberdeenshire was well represented in this next round with Carmen Griffiths (Aboyne), Robyn Fowlie (Forfar), Carol Wilson (Murcar Links) in the scratch draw and Anne Munro (Kemnay), Linda Bell (Kemnay), Allie Taylor (Kemnay), Laura McLardy (Duff House Royal) in the handicap draw. Didn’t our Kemnay ladies do well? 

Full Tuesday draw details can be viewed at:

On Tuesday morning, non-qualifiers turned out for a consolation round on the Lansdowne course. Aberdeenshire members made a clean sweep of the prizes. Congratulations to Hannah Bycroft (Kemnay) who won scratch with gross 81 and to 11 year-old Holly McKenzie (Peterculter) and Rachel Smith (Meldrum House) who came first and second in the handicap list with nett scores of 70 (90-20) and 71 (83-12) respectively. All scores can be viewed on: HowdDidiDo, Perth & Kinross Ga, NORTH OF SCOTLAND Consolation Round.
Through Tuesday and Wednesday, scratch and matchplay rounds continued on the Rosemount course.

All Tuesday’s results can be viewed at:
The Ladies’ Championship Gifford Trophy (Scratch) matchplay Round 1 proceeded with Aberdeenshire’s Carmen, Robyn and Carol all making it to the next round Quarter-finals.
Carmen and Robyn continued their winning streaks to reach the Semi-finals, establishing the enticing possibility of an all Aberdeenshire Final. Carol’s challenge was over when she faced very strong opposition in the shape of on-form P&K’s Jen Saxton (Dunfermline). In the semis, on-form Robyn’s very steady play brought her victory at the 14th hole. In a very close match, at the 17th, Carmen was Jen’s next victim. So Robyn and Jen were set for a very exciting Final. 
Congratulations to our Champion Robyn who was victorious at the 17th and took home the Gifford Trophy.

A very happy Robyn at the 17th green

The Ladies’ Championship Angus Salver (Handicap) matchplay Round 1 saw Kemnay ladies Anne, Linda and Allie making it to the next round. After a laudable display of determination and golfing ability, sadly Laura’s hard fought battle ended on the 20th hole. With Anne and Linda facing each other in the Quarter-finals, a Kemnay/Aberdeenshire place in the Semi-finals was ensured. With both ladies full of determination, it was Anne who dominated on this occasion. Meanwhile, Allie played well to book her Semi-final place against Anne and a guaranteed Kemnay/Aberdeenshire place now in the Final. Anne and Allie’s semi’s match was very tight. On the 18th tee, with Allie 1 up, both had all to play for. Allie took the hole to finish 2 up and earn her place in the Final against Norma Fleming (Royal Dornoch).
Congratulations to our Allie who emerged runner up, with the Angus Salver being won by Norma at the 16th.

Allie Taylor (Kemnay), Runner-up, North of Scotland Ladies Championship (Handicap)

Thanks …

Several thanks must be put on record.

First of all, thanks to our North of Scotland Championships’ and Blairgowrie hosts and helpers. Thanks to:
  • Jillian Milne, Perth & Kinross LCGA Captain, and her committee for organising the North of Scotland Ladies’ and Girls’ Championships and welcoming us all to such a successful, well run event
  • Blairgowrie Golf Club for access to the Rosemount and Lansdowne courses, to the green keeping team for presenting both courses in excellent condition, and to the starters for their friendly reception and helpfulness
Next, thanks to Aberdeenshire LCGA members. Thanks to:
  • all our members who made the effort to be there and participate with such commitment and enthusiasm
  • President Ros for being there yet again as our number 1 supporter
  • our members who won prizes and did us very proud
Robyn and Allie with some of the other prize winners

Final Comment …

With no North of Scotland Championships taking place in 2020, it was a joy to be there this year, to meet new and ‘old’ ladies from Aberdeenshire and other counties, to join in the golf competition, to spectate and to support. Of course, I had hoped to do more playing and less spectating but I forgot to pack my best golf game and left it at home! However, I watched great golf at all levels and enjoyed that very much.

Aberdeenshire members always support the ‘North of Scotland’ very well. In 2022, it is our turn to host it at a venue to be announced soon. We look forward to welcoming many ladies and girls from our home and neighbouring Northern Division Counties

In the meantime, congratulations again to this year’s winners from Aberdeenshire and beyond.


Lorna M Johnson
Captain, ALCGA