Wednesday, 28 October 2020


How are you? I do apologies for not being in touch for some time. I don't know how coronavirus restrictions are impacting on you but I am finding it hard to get motivated to do the things that I should be doing. I really miss having the contact that I am used to having with friends and family. However, I do have to say ‘thank goodness for golf’. 

I am disappointed to be writing this message about the most recent ALCGA victim of coronavirus – not a cancellation this time but a postponement. 

Although the annual AGM would usually take place before the end of December (as stated in the Constitution), due to current exceptional circumstances, after consultation with officials and with the agreement of the Management Committee, the decision has been made to postpone the 2020 AGM for a maximum of three months into 2021. The main reasons for this are as follows. 

Because all ALCGA events were cancelled, there are no prizes to be presented and no competition and winners’ news from our golfing season to form the backbone of the ALCGA Annual Report. It will be totally appropriate to include other potential report items at the rescheduled AGM. 

By early 2021, the World Handicap System will have been in place for a few months and there will have been time to gain some familiarity with it before reviewing and updating our ALCGA Constitution to take account of it. Changes will be required because entry to some ALCGA competitions are for 'silver' handicaps only and several of our trophies were donated and are awarded for 'silver' and 'bronze' handicap categories. Therefore, handicap thresholds will now have to be defined in WHS terms. It seems preferable to deal with this matter at the rescheduled AGM to avoid having to organise an additional EGM for this matter alone. 

By early 2021, it may be clearer as to what and whether coronavirus restrictions and conditions may affect County golfing arrangements in 2021. In the meantime, we are proceeding to plan a full schedule of competitions, hopefully at the Golf Club venues that had to be cancelled this year.

By early 2021, whilst it would be really pleasing if we could meet together in person, we are assuming that large gatherings will still be banned and are investigating how we can organise and manage a virtual meeting (including cost implications) for the large number of members who normally attend the AGM.

Further details will be circulated early in the new year.

In the meantime, take care and ‘Carry On Golfing’


Lorna M Johnson

Captain, ALCGA