Sunday, 29 August 2021

Commonwealth Spoons Qualifying Competition: The 2021 Story

I’ve almost caught up with my stories for the time being. Here is the most recent one about the Commonwealth Spoons that took place at Kintore Golf Club on Monday 16 August.

Three foursomes pairs qualified to represent Aberdeenshire LCGA at the Scottish Golf Commonwealth Spoons Final at Dullatur Golf Club on Monday 30 August: Lorna Whyte & Lyn Park, Yvonne Moir & Carol Whicher, Nita Dervish-Uman & Lynne Tough.

The Golf

I do like to talk about the weather … When I arrived at Kintore on Monday morning, the most predominant thing was the unexpected freezing cold wind that had not been forecast and that was blowing wildly and swaying the mature trees beside the first fairway. Local ladies reassured me that it would be less fierce up the hill, hard to believe but, as I found out true. Also, it was not long before the sun came out, it grew warm and golfing circumstances were much sweeter.

Participants were very complimentary about the welcome they received at Kintore Golf Club, about the very well presented course, including the condition of its greens, and about the catering. They also commented on the stunning views from the elevated parts of the course.

The Commonwealth Spoons was very successful. 26 foursomes pairs with players from 13 different golf clubs were keen to attempt to play well, to astound their partners with amazing shots, and to remember not to say ‘sorry’ when a poor shot crept in!

I do like to analyse scores … There were many very good scores – that’s not a very mathematical statement! The lowest nett score equalled the course par of 70. 6 scores – more than 20% - were lower than 76. 14 scores – more than 50% - were lower than 80. I have to tell you that, in the remaining 12 scores, you would find the one achieved by me and my partner – not our best day!

Full results are posted under Fixtures on this website.

In the top 3 places were the qualifiers who are heading to Dullatur. They are:
  • Lorna Whyte & Lyn Park (Meldrum House) who scored an absolutely excellent nett 70
  • Yvonne Moir & Carol Whicher (Kemnay) who were pipped at the post with a very impressive nett 71
  • Nita Dervish-Uman & Lynne Tough (Kemany) who came very close with a very good nett 72.5
Good luck to you all. I’m sure you will do Aberdeenshire proud.

Lorna Whyte (left) and Lyn Park, both of Meldrum House

Carol Whicher and Yvonne Moir, both of Kemnay

Nita Dervish-Uman and Lynne Tough, both of Kemnay

Thanks …

Many thanks must be put on record.

First of all, thanks to Kintore Golf Club. Thanks to:
  • the Club Council for granting ALCGA courtesy of the course, a very generous contribution with 52 rounds of golf taking place
  • Club Administrator Petra Walker for her substantial support and help in making arrangements to ensure smooth running of our event
  • Lady Captain Faye Walker for her invaluable assistance with planning and for her company on the day
  • Green Keepers Andy and Stewart for their efforts in presenting the course in extremely good order
  • Club members Dorothy and Geraldine for being our welcoming and efficient starters, especially when it was such a chilly morning
  • Catering Team members Irene, Paul and Ashley for providing friendly hospitality and tasty sustenance.
Next, thanks to various ALCGA officials and members. Thanks to:
  • Management Committee members Fiona (Campbell) and Susie (Macleod) for coordinating and making advance plans to guarantee that the day would run efficiently, and for their commitment throughout the day of the event
  • Honorary Secretary Karen (Stalker) for dealing with entries, the draw, and results.

Final Comment …

‘The Spoons’ is always a popular competition. This year was no different.

Kintore Golf Club staff and members were delighted to have us as guests and made us feel very much at home. Lady Captain Faye (Walker) enjoyed the camaraderie and friendly competitive spirit of the County day and wonders if some Kintore ladies might be interested in joining ALCGA in future. Susie (Macleod) has sent Faye some information so here’s hoping …

My partner Liz (Barrack) and I had the privilege of playing alongside Hazlehead members Lena Ingram and Vi Walker. Lena and Vi have been golfers and County members for many years. Both in their eighties, you would have been impressed at how nimbly they climbed that second hole hill, how they hit the ball, and how they kept up with the group in front. They are an inspiration to us all. I hope dearly that I can play golf like them when I am their age. Thank you, ladies, for your company.

Once again, congratulations to our Commonwealth Spoons’ qualifiers. We look forward to knowing how you get on at Dullatur.


Lorna M Johnson
Captain, ALCGA