Sunday, 28 March 2021

ALCGA AGM Registration

Just a wee reminder that today is the deadline for registration for the AGM that is scheduled for Sunday 11 April at 4pm.

To register now, please make sure that you use the email details contained in the AGM papers that were circulated via Club Reps.

If you have registered to attend, the next deadlines are :

Wednesday 31 March for submission of Questions to be answered at the meeting.

Sunday 04 April for submission of Proxy Voting Forms.

It is important to note that voting on alterations to the constitution and rules of competitions "requires a majority of two-thirds of the members present" (see Constitution)

If, for example, only 33 out of 50 registered attendees submit proxy votes then it is impossible to achieve a two-thirds majority, even if all voters support a resolution. Therefore, whatever their opinions, it is essential that all attendees submit their proxy votes to ensure that the count gives a proper reflection of views.