Thursday, 18 June 2020

Keeping in Touch – 18 June 2020

How are you today? Have you been out on the golf course? I had an extended lesson with Neil (Marr) at Meldrum House. It was great and has given me some tips, some things to try and to practice, and some things to think about. So I should have potential to improve my scores …

ALCGA events normally present great opportunities to meet, chat with and get to know others in the county community. Because those chances have gone for this year, Louise (Anderson) suggested another way of getting to know a bit more about some members. She suggested a set of questions about golf and golfing reflections with the answers shared in what I have labelled “Me and My Golf” Cameos.

In the first instance, I have asked the ALCGA Leadership Team (Officials, Management Committee, and Junior Leaders) and the County Team Squad to answer these 10 questions:
  1. Home Club?
  2. Current Handicap?
  3. Target Handicap?
  4. Age when you started to golf?
  5. Favourite club in the bag?
  6. Favourite course to play?
  7. Favourite practice drill?
  8. Who or what is the biggest influence on your game?
  9. Outwith golf, what’s your secret talent?
  10. Describe your game in three words?
It quickly became apparent to me that photos were necessary so that the girls and ladies can be recognised by you!

I intend to post the cameos in groups, essentially in the order in which I receive them. I am finding that they are interesting, fun, and give me some food for thought. I hope that you will enjoy them too.

Please continue to keep safe.


Lorna M Johnson
Captain, ALCGA